Shifting Hues

Traveling Exhibition

Wall One

Each section reflects on the history and discriminatory issues faced today. The exhibition begins with the science and evolution behind the vast spectrum on skin tones leading to the age of exploration leading to race separation. It then takes the visitors to the history of institutional slavery in Europe and America and the politics of pigmentation reflected worldwide which becomes a larger problem in the portrayal of race in the media. Finally, the last two sections take a positive outlook with social equity, diversity, representation and multiculturalism in society and how to change society’s perspective.

Wall Two

Shades of olive greens from the olive skin tones referenced in humans and from the environment surroundings which have impact on skin tones throughout the world, time and evolution. Pops of pinks are inspired by the pink hues all humans have somewhere in their bodies. These colors mixed with historical imagery create a friendly and educational notion, featuring multiple points of interactivity. The active interior of the exhibition created an experience for the visitor, stimulating interest and questioning ones’ views to encourage further exploration.

Speaking in Hues

Motion Video